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Volunteer Interest for Fall 2020 Season
Sometime in the near future, we will be opening up the VOLUNTEER REGISTRATION PORTAL for those who'd like to volunteer for the Fall 2020 season. More information to come. Thanks everyone!

Referee Introduction

Referee Requirements

To help Region 1438 to run smoothly, we need a referee staff. We are looking for enthusiastic people. Experience is not necessary; we just need you to volunteer some of your time. Training is available to both new and returning volunteers and we will help you further develop your referee skills. We are always in need of and welcome junior referees, who must be at least 12 years of age. Community service credit will be given to high school students who become referees. In order to become a regional (beginning level) referee, you must attend a free, one-day certification class. All referees must register as AYSO 1438 volunteers.

Requirements for becoming part of the referee staff:

1) Be available on Saturdays

2) Referee games when an assigned referee is unable to cover

3) Become familiar with the duties of a referee in order to answer questions and be able to identify others who can offer assistance

4) Work with the Referee Administrator to ensure that the kids are safe and having fun

Becoming a part of our referee staff is a great way to learn everything you need to know about being a referee.

AYSO 1438 holds Referee training courses on a regular basis. These courses are free, and open to everyone. Coaches, Asst. Coaches, Volunteers, Parents, and youth, 12yrs and older. Please spread the word to anyone you think may be interested in the Basic Referee Course. It is a great way to get a better understanding of the rules of the game!

We encourage all of you to attend the class, especially if you are volunteering as a coach next Season. Division 10U and above require referee volunteers. We will be going over new rules regarding 8U games (i.e. throw-ins versus kick-ins) and 10U and 12U (build-out line).

This course is designed as a supplement in the certification as a Regional Referee.  Before attending this course, the following must be completed:

1) Volunteer Application completed at (if you are a coach,assistant coach, or volunteered during the Spring Season then you should have already completed this)

2) Safe Haven, CDC Concussion Awareness and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Courses completed at (if you are a coach/assistant coach then you should have already completed this)

3) Completion of Basic Online Referee Training Course at

4) Registration for this course is at

5) Lunch will be provided. Please bring a fold out chair, sunscreen, pen/pencil, and notepad.

Laws of the Game

IFAB Laws of the Game

Laws of the Game (2020/2021) - Changes & Clarifications
Includes changes and updates to Glossary and Practical Guidelines

Laws of the Game 

Here's a link to our Section 1 Laws of the Game guidance for your reference.

Referee Guidelines

High-Level Guidelines for All Referees

Know the accepted mechanics, signals, and procedures for Referees and Assistant
Youtube is your friend. Here is a video on Referee signals from the Ken Aston Referee Society. 

Referee Signals

/// Arrive to the field at Least 20 minutes prior to kick off

/// Be professional and approachable yet confident and firm

/// Be properly attired with only AYSO approved Referee uniform with socks pulled up & a wristwatch with chronograph capability (timer)

/// Take charge but do not dictate

/// Always start the game on time

The Referee and ARs should work as a team and never disagree publicly. This one's important for newer Referees. If you're an AR in the match and you'll feel strongly on a call, please do not disagree with the Center Referee at the time of the call. The Center Referee makes the final call at the end of day. Concerns can be brought up as a team during quarter breaks or at the end of a game. 

/// Use sunscreen & maintain hydration before, during half, and after the game

/// Inspect the Field – Goals must be anchored or the game cannot be played

/// Check in the players 10 minutes prior to kick off

/// Introduce yourself to the coaches, be respectful, courteous, and professional

/// Referee should have a pre-game conference with his Assistant Referees

/// Referees (Center) should help mentor new ARS.  Remember that you were a rookie at some point too!

/// Referees should be running, ARs should be running

/// Be decisive and control the game.  Even in U6/8.  Tell the players when their behavior is unacceptable.

Coaches should be positive, instructional, and encouraging ONLY.  Be proactive with coaches and let them know that Public, Persistent, Provocative, or Personal actions or words towards any officials will not be tolerated.   Ask them to stop.  Tell them to stop.  Then you may REMOVE – eject them from the game.  Assistant coach then takes over (unless he or she is the one ejected).   Contact the RRA for help with a report.

Ask the coach to control problem spectators/parents.  If he is unable or unwilling to control parents that are crossing the line, please eject them from the field.  Contact the RRA to file a report

Learn from experienced Referees.  Mentoring and peer review is part of soccer officiating.  

Referee Report 
If an incident occurs, whether it's an injury or misconduct related, a referee will need to fill out a Referee Report and turn this report to the Referee Administrator for review. 

Referee Report Document

Referee FAQs

Frenquently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become an AYSO Referee?
A. You must first complete an AYSO volunteer application form on and be approved as an AYSO volunteer by Region 1438. Once you are approved as a volunteer, the training to become an AYSO referee is provided to you free of charge. Note: All volunteers must register annually, even if they no longer have kids in AYSO.

Q. Is prior soccer experience required to officiate?
A. No, but some familiarity with soccer is certainly a plus. Coaches, parents, players and other volunteers have all proved to be excellent referees even if they have not played this sport. (Youth referees are welcome!)

Q. Where do I get referee gear and equipment?
A. We will supply you with an official shirt, score sheet, whistle, and stop watch. All of these will be made available to you in the soccer garage before game time.

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